A big step on the long road to Integrity

We are so thrilled to share the news of the birth of the Botswana Centre for Public Integrity with you. It has been quite a journey, an exciting one and a sometimes uneasy one but we are here, thanks to some sister organizations’ support and because of a situation which needed an answer from civil society

  • Growth through innovation/creativity:
    Rather than be constrained by ideas for new products, services and new markets coming from just a few people, a Thinking Corporation can tap into the employees.
  • Increased profits:
    The corporation will experience an increase in profits due to savings in operating costs as well as sales from new products, services and ventures.
  • Higher business values:
    The link between profits and business value means that the moment a corporation creates a new sustainable level of profit, the business value is adjusted accordingly.
  • Lower staff turnover:
    This, combined with the culture that must exist for innovation and creativity to flourish, means that new employees will be attracted to the organization.

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