We have covered some grounds since we started running in April 2018. We have done this with the support of many of you who follow us on social media, listen to us on radio, etc.  Recent news and responses to our activities show us the need for civil society to stand and be counted, to embrace the cause of integrity, to mobilize itself against corruption and stand up for a Better Botswana.

Corruption is indeed cancer that when embedded becomes difficult to operate on, reduce in size and to fight. Corruption fights back, and the more entrenched it becomes, the harder it fights back. It is therefore essential to stand up and find cures and preventative measures in fighting corruption. At BCPI we believe that integrity is one of the cures of corruption. We believe that strengthening independent democratic institutions is crucial in the fight against corruption and in cultivating integrity in society. We continue to promote the ideals that promote democracy and social justice. Fighting corruption really is about fighting for the people, it is about human rights. It is about ensuring that people benefit from public goods and services of their country for a better life.

Recent headlines in the media show us how under pressure our democracy is. The newspapers’ front pages to unsettling news demonstrate to us that Botswana, despite a good international reputation in terms of democratic governance, is not spared from corruption. Sadly, this word has now become a very regular feature in the news and the conversations today in Botswana. But what does it imply precisely? Simply put, corruption means that our roads will remain in poor conditions, our hospitals will be short of the modern equipment and medicine they need, our schools will lack computers and teachers… eventually, our development will be delayed if not denied. To concur with one Administrator form the UNDP: corruption is indeed development denied. Because budgets allocated to these projects and programs have been diverted to private pockets or because invoices were inflated and what was delivered was of poor quality albeit a first-rate price.

At BCPI, we believe that “when People know better, they do better and demand better”. Information, knowledge, involvement are some of the most powerful solutions to undertake and within our first year we have dedicated ourselves to these. From Integrity Week, held in September, the various Panel Discussions and to the recent Community Conversations held, at the core our work is to raise awareness and create spaces for dialogues, for sharing and finding solutions together. BCPI has grown from setting up our website and social networks platforms to numerous radio interviews and commentaries and we have dedicated our time to spread a very simple message: BOTSWANA and BATSWANA DESERVE BETTER! Let us, together fight corruption and raise the bar of our demands for a better country.

We invite you to join us in our campaigns and upcoming events where Integrity, Transparency and Accountability are explored as cures, mitigators of Corruption in different sectors. Spaces will be created to discuss, analyze and come up with propositions fight corruption and cultivate a culture of integrity in our society fr a better Botswana. Elections are just around the corner, let us all register to vote, let us vote for leaders with integrity, who stand up for integrity and who want a better Botswana. We hope to see you in our next big event: the Integrity Run on the 28th of July 2019 This will be an opportunity to get involved and make your first step to a bright future, a Botswana where people benefit from public goods and services and are emancipated out of poverty.

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