White Elephants

A white elephant is an investment whose cost of upkeep is not in line with how useful or valuable the item is. In this regard, a white elephant is infrastructure that is too costly to build and maintain in relation to its usefulness.  These are new buildings which are yet to be used and occupied and those buildings which are abandoned and left unutilized, despite the fact that they might still be in very good condition at the time of abandonment.

There are many sightings of white elephant buildings littering the landscape of our land. We say littering because these buildings are an eye-sore and they evoke such frustrations for many reasons. One major reason is the cost implications of these buildings. Huge amounts of monies were poured into making these buildings, new or old; and with time and elements these will wear down and get dilapidated. Whether they will get used again in the near or far future, there will always be a cost implication attached to them.

So it is simply not about these buildings left un-used that is the most worrisome. It is their cost. A cost that came from your pocket, as a taxpayer. Yes, these buildings do not come from a vacuum or a ghost funders pockets, they come from the Government coffers with a reason being these were to be a Government Investment in our towns and villages. They were initially meant to be infrastructure that adds on to development in different areas of our country, but they don’t seem to be much of an investment if their cost by far out-weight their purpose. It simply implies that taxpayer’s funds were wasted on ghost projects when those funds could have been used for other purposes and in other areas of our economy.

Take for example these pictures, there could have been more classrooms added, better boarding facilities, libraries and sports grounds for students, even better meals. There could be better healthcare available to us .

Better roads that are safer for us, and wait for it clean drinking water .

Most of these could be obtained if funds from these white elephants could have been diverted to addressing these social issues.

I am sure by now you have remembered some of these White Elephants we are referring to: new or old. I am sure you have heard stories why they remain the way they are, whether that story is true or false and we would like to hear it.

Show us what you are dealing with in your village town or even in your neighborhood. Send us picture or video…or a story. We would love to hear from you.

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